NOTE: This impacts many of the lessons below!
iUpdate ... ... ... are no longer active portals.   If you see these web addresses in the lessons on our blog or DIY Training Base, please go to to view or access your D&B report.  You will need the D&B DUNSmanager to be able to submit updates and/or launch disputes.   CLICK FOR MORE >>

How to access the D&B DUNSmanager® to submit updates or launch slow payment disputes.



Check out these super easy (and free!) tips and tricks for boosting your corporate credit scores and ratings. Most of them are simple enough that you can do them on your own right now! (Note: I use many of these when I'm working with my paying clients, so I know they'll work for you!)

Make sure your business credit profile is up-to-date. • If you don’t have a DUNS® number, request a free one. • Use the free self-help portal at • Review the file in full and save a copy for your records. • Fill in all blanks to insure the most accurate report. • Dispute derogatory info to see if it can be removed. • Only submit data you can readily verify if asked to do so. • Be available in case D&B® calls to verify your changes.

Check that your business information is consistent. • Business name, address & phone should be consistent. • Be sure your Secretary of State filing is up-to-date. • Review your website & social media for consistency. • Search your business on the web to check for old data. • Check business listing sites such as Bizapedia and Yelp. • Check phone sites such as Yellow Pages and • Make sure your business is listed at

Verify billing, banking & credit card info match D&B® • Check that bills have the company name exactly right. • Check that mailing address on bills match credit profile. • Check that your bank account is the business address. • Schedule to pay business expenses a week earlier. • Pay business expenses with business checks/cards. • Make sure your business checks have correct info. • Most data can be updated via your online accounts.

Set up a free CreditSignal® monitoring service. • Go to • Also register in D&B's Company Update service. • Review your credit file at least once per quarter. • Print your credit profile every time you see a change. • Track the changes that occur to your report over time. • If you don't understand a change, call in and ask about it. • Remember, you don't have to pay to make updates.

Be proactive instead of reactive. • Change bill-paying practices to insure prompt payments. • Ask creditors and suppliers to report to your credit file. • Challenge inaccurate or derogatory information. • Check for duplicate credit files at previous addresses. • Use physical address on applications & new accounts. • Open accounts with companies who report to D&B®. • Call me for free one-on-one business credit analysis.