What our clients are saying...

Dave L

You have done an incredible job with this. We sing your praises often. If we can help you in the future in some way don’t hesitate to reach out.​

Beth A

You are a rock star, Joy!


Abe O

I am so grateful for the support I received from Joy. She knows everything there is to know about credit and was very patient in explaining everything to me. Highly recommended!

Angela A

Joy was so helpful. I was extremely frustrated. and felt completely lost with DnB and the lack of information I was getting to assist with the issue I was having. Joy filled in the blanks and was very informative and knowledgeable. Thanks again Joy!!

Ken Y

I have used Joy to help startup credit reporting for many of my businesses over the years. Joy has always be very responsive and quick to answer all of my questions. She is a true professional and provides a great service!

Harout S

Thank you very much for your work. I really appreciate all your help and definitely if I need something I’ll let you know.  You are five-star services.

Karima J

Joy is an expert with credible knowledge and experience in building and sustaining business credit. Her advice is legitimate and the results are real!


Michael V
I wasn't even a client and I was assisted with tracking and correcting my business credit profile. I would have been lost without their help! I suggest Starpoint Credit Solutions to ANYBODY!

Adella S
We went from D&B putting us in Severe Risk to a $3.5m contract, and YOU are the reason! Jack says we should send you on a vacation for all the time you put in, but I told him you would be happier with a nice bottle of wine.  Cheers!

Andy C
Our business was improved on D&B. Joy's the best.


Angela B
Extremely knowledgeable and professional!  Very hands-on with excellent client communication.  Built my company to a perfect Paydex rating inside of the first 2 months.


Benny F
Don't waste time and money like I did. Just let Joy do what she does best and you will be so much better off. Thanks, girl.  You're the best!


Corey M
I just wanted to provide you guys with an update on the Spark application.  I was approved for $30,000 online instantly and my cards are on the way!! And I wanted to let you know that I did get approved for the $10,000 Wells Fargo.  Thanks!!


Gerard G
I wanted to say "thank you" to Joy and Starpoint for building my business credit to where it needs to be, and for allowing us to move forward and get some financing for our company.


Gynelle F
I just want to know where you get all your energy! I know I made you crazy more than a couple times and I probably owe you a few cups of coffee, but you stuck with me and really made a difference.  $100k contract! WHOOP!


Jackson P
I want to take one minute of my time to say thank you for everything you are doing for my company. Now I see that its coming together. Things are falling into place. Great job. Thanks!


Jerome Z
Starpoint assisted me in establishing a presence on D&B for my business and worked to improve my scores until I was approached by a national bank offering me a line of credit. Starpoint (Joy) is extremely knowledgeable with the inner workings of D&B. I could not have done it with you.


Ken Y
I started from absolute zero and Joy helped me set up numerous vendor accounts that helped grow my business. Within a few months I was approved for a credit card in my business name. Pretty awesome stuff.


Kirk E
You can use us as a reference. We received a bank credit line of $300k. Thanks so much for your support.


Leonard J
Joy is a pleasure to work with and she is extremely knowledgeable. She is the real deal. She provides an extreme good value for your money. I highly recommend!!


Linda L
I can't say everything I want in this form, so I am just going to say how much I truly appreciate all Starpoint did to help us get this business off the ground. When I look at where we were when we started, and she just made it so easy. God bless you!


Lydia T
I'm so sorry now that you had to work that hard to convince me to start, because I wish I had hired you years ago. Thank you so much, Joy. You have been a blessing to work with, and our progress has been miraculous!


Mannie P
New deli counter was just installed this afternoon and the freezer is coming in the morning. Thanks to you, things are really coming together! I can't thank you enough for all you did to make this possible. Can you come to our Grand Opening?


Marie R
I started from scratch, needing them to get me a DUNS number. Once I got my full profile rated with an 80 Paydex in month two, they began helping me get credit. A $5000 approval, then $2000, then another $1000!!!!  In 3 months time they have kept their word!


Mattie L
I would just like to say these women are angels. God has truly blessed our company by working with Starpoint Credit Solutions. From the first day, they took on our company and has been taking us to the next level.


Mike B
Your services were wonderful! You're the best! No complaints at all. Thanks so much!


Mike S
It would not only be my honor, but my privilege to recommend their services to any of my clients considering starting a business or finding themselves in the same dilemma I had.


Roderick B
AWESOME! You guys absolutely ROCK thus far!!!!!

We don't expect you to be our client forever.  That isn't our goal.  Our strategy is to get your data updated, payment history added, and scores and ratings to their best possible position as quickly as possible — all while teaching you to better understand what impacts your business credit and how you can control those impacts.

Some clients only need our assistance for a month, others for longer.  When you first sign up for services, we'll set a goal of where you need to be and what you want to accomplish.  Whether that goal is short-term or long-term varies from one business to the next, and from one goal to the next.

Overall, our primary focus is always going to be making sure you are happy with the services you receive and the credit you achieve along the way. 

~ Joy Greenwood, Owner