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How to access the D&B DUNSmanager® to submit updates or launch slow payment disputes.



There are a multitude of companies out on the market that will promise anyone seeking credit approvals the results they dream about. But in your rush to believe you have finally found a company that can answer all your business credit prayers – before you GIVE them your hard earned dollars — TAKE something for yourself. Take your hand off that mouse button, take a short step back, take a deep breath, and take a moment to listen to what they are really saying.

Do you know how to spot the words that can do more harm than good to your company?

Every small business owner has seen the eye-catching ads, visited the perfectly designed websites, and listened to the high-pressure commissioned salespeople who seek to sell their most recent game-plan for your financial future. There are very few companies that will tell you the bold and honest truth right up front, even if their honesty means they will never get your money. As a small business owner, you need to spot some of the key words that you find in these advertisements and understand their hidden meanings. These are eye catching words, ones that will make you sit up and pay attention, as is their whole intention — to lure you in and hope you get so caught up in the glitter so that you don’t read the fine print.

Google search “small business loans” and you will find page after page of companies that are willing to “pre-approve” your business for credit or “help you find the funding you are looking for”. They will go as far as “guaranteeing” you an unrealistic amount of money in a very short time. They are preying on your desperation. After all, you wouldn’t be looking for credit if you weren’t needing it… and you wouldn’t be searching the web for it if you could get it from your hometown bank down the street… and who doesn’t like the idea that someone else will do all the hard work for you or that you can get it for practically nothing… and we all have the naturally impatient beast inside that wants it, and wants it right now.

There are three main reasons for enhancing your business’s credit report:

  1. to separate business credit from personal credit

  2. to show your company can handle its own debt and payment responsibilities, and

  3. to achieve more credit!

While the majority of banks may require a personal guarantee on a loan or line of credit, there are many financial institutions who will extend business credit based upon the creditworthiness of the business name, but only if you have a sound and established D&B® report. When you look for a company to assist with building that report, you want to look past the catch-phrases and get to the strength of the promises.