Are You Hurting Your Company's Credibility?

Updated: Feb 4

Hindsight is always 20/20, which is why most successful small business owners say their biggest mistake was using personal credit to support their company's financial needs. If you are struggling to achieve business credit for your small business, you may want to see if you are guilty of making any of these most common mistakes.


1) Failing to establish a D&B DUNS number and "complete" profile for your company

Even brand new businesses that have yet to get their feet wet can get business credit — whether from vendors, suppliers, credit card companies, or equipment/vehicle financiers — so long as they start by creating a solid business credit profile with D&B and the other commercial credit reporting agencies. If you'll notice, I emphasized solid, because just "getting a DUNS number" does not guarantee the D&B profile is complete. You need to have specific information in place to have a complete profile, and that doesn't usually happen on its own.