How to Find the Right Tradelines for Your Business

Updated: Feb 4

The vendors and suppliers your company uses is an integral factor in building and boosting your D&B scores and ratings, but finding the right suppliers, and specifically those who can report that payment history to D&B, is vital. Even better? Finding vendors and suppliers who auto-report that payment history as part of their normal accounting process!

As I have explained in prior training, adding just one vendor to your D&B file has the potential to boost your scores and ratings by up to 90%.

What most small business owners don't realize, though, is that choosing which vendors you can use to get payment habits reported to the business credit bureaus isn't as hard as you might think, especially if you consider that even small mom-and-pop shops, contractors, and suppliers right in your own neighborhood are often among the most beneficial to your scores and ratings.

When I'm helping small business owners find the right vendors to boost their credit scores and ratings, I