'Tis the Season to Boost Business Credit

Updated: Feb 4

And how! We are really seeing exciting results right now! There are so many ways to build the business credit, boost scores and ratings, add vendors and suppliers, and reduce the weight of your credit debt, it's amazing. And right now, it's so ridiculously easy because of all the options available, so I thought I would share a few...

It's a given... You are going to spend money this time of year, so why not make sure your company gets credit for that spending? And while lots of people tend to focus on getting Net 30 accounts (the forest), they completely miss out on all the other opportunities for growing their business credit (the trees). But having a variety of payment types is just as important as having a variety of vendor accounts, and BOTH can benefit your business.

Take ONLINE BUYING, as an example... Those one-time purchases you make online tell a whole different story about your business — namely, that your business uses alternate resources and providers. In fact, this is the time of year when many small business owners take advantage of seasonal discounts to stock up their inventory, shop for employee gifts, and make those higher dollar purchases that would otherwise be out of budget, even if those purchases are prepaid.

As an example — I typically use pre-Christmas discounts to renew subscriptions, switch monthly services to annual billing, and buy big ticket items that I have been eyeing all year. Last week, I invested in a new 32" monitor for my desk, and by creating a business account at the retailer's online store, I was able to make my purchase in the business name, pay for it using my business credit card and have it shipped direct to me overnight. Great price! No lines. No crowds. No traffic.