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How to access the D&B DUNSmanager® to submit updates or launch slow payment disputes.


Who's on your vendor list?

Are you like Sam? Sam told me he didn't have any vendors. He said, "I don't have any credit. All I ever use are local guys and small businesses who have probably never even heard of D&B."

"Like who?" I taunted. "Just throw a few names at me to see what I can find."

While he sat in traffic, Sam started listing off some of his contractors and companies he'd worked with in the past year. In the fifteen minutes we were on the phone, I found all 7 of the companies in D&B's system. Over the next couple of days (and about an hour on the phone) we found 16 more... and then 4 more... and each and every one of them was just your average Joe-on-the-job.

Originally, Sam had called me after seeing one of my blog posts on his Twitter feed. He said he had already fallen for a company who set him up with "the usual cookie-cutter credit" (Uline, Quill, Grainger, Gemplers, etc) but none of the payments ever showed up in his D&B report. Instead, the only thing in his report was a slow payment from a telephone company. After reviewing his transactions with the vendors, it was easy to see why nothing was going his way.

Now, 28 days into the Powerboost process, Sam's got 12 payments showing on his D&B report — 9 net-terms (credit) accounts, and 3 COD's (prepaid) — and the slow payment has been removed. All of his scores and ratings are through the roof. He has opened new credit lines with 3 new vendors and has 2 new corporate credit cards.

All it cost him was my Powerboost fee ($99) and a month of D&B's Creditbuilder ($144).

It may have taken me a few minutes to convince Sam to let me have a go at it, but in the end, he is super-satisfied with his progress and how fast it happened. He's going to stay with the program for another month to see what else we can get accomplished, but for right now, he's already convinced that doing things the right way is always going to work out better in the end.

So now I am asking you... Are you willing to "throw a few names at me to see what I can find"? If so, just: