How to Avoid "Cookie Cutter" Credit

Updated: Feb 3

You probably already know the best way to build up your business credit is to add payment history. If you don't have any vendors or suppliers, you may try to use some of the more familiar trade lines offered up online.

Unfortunately, this can lead to "cookie-cutter" credit where you end up with the same generic payment history as everyone else and nothing of substance that proves your creditworthiness. Believe it or not, using generic suppliers can sometimes do more harm than good.

Trade lines, by definition, are companies who report all business transactions to at least one of the major business credit bureaus, such as Dun & Bradstreet, BusinessExperian, PayNet, Cortera, or Equifax for Business.

In many cases, these "auto-reporting" creditors will provide Net 30 accounts based solely off the fact that you have an existing business credit profile. That's why its important to keep the data in your profile as accurate as possible — so it provides a well-rounded, positive picture of your company's creditworthiness.