NOTE: This impacts many of the lessons below!
iUpdate ... ... ... are no longer active portals.   If you see these web addresses in the lessons on our blog or DIY Training Base, please go to to view or access your D&B report.  You will need the D&B DUNSmanager to be able to submit updates and/or launch disputes.   CLICK FOR MORE >>

How to access the D&B DUNSmanager® to submit updates or launch slow payment disputes.


Three Examples To Learn From

If you are working to build up your business credit scores and ratings, you may want to check out these three examples of clients who are using my 30-Day Powerboost right now. At this writing, they still have 7 days to go and all are thrilled with their progress!

DON - Real estate investor and house flipper Don started with just three payments in his D&B report, and one of them was a slow payment that hadn't re-reported in more than 6 months. His scores were in the high-to-moderately high risk range. He had a dozen suppliers and contractors he'd spent money with in the past year who weren't showing in an inaccurate and outdated D&B report. In just 23 days, we have:

  • disputed the slow payment off his report

  • updated his business information

  • added five new positive payment histories to the credit report

  • achieved an 80 Paydex score

  • established nine new auto-reporting vendor accounts for his company

  • boosted his scores and ratings across the board by more than 60%

  • increased his credit limit recommendations from $4,000 to $40,000

  • helped him find equipment financing

JOSH - Insurance and real estate Josh started with just two payments in his D&B report, and one of them was a slow payment that was almost 2 years old. He had no Paydex score and his risk ratings were high. The address in his credit report hadn't been valid in over three years. He provided a list of 27 vendors and suppliers he's used in the past year, none of which were auto-reporting payment history to D&B. We have:

  • added 11 positive payments to his report

  • removed the slow payment

  • updated the address and phone number

  • adjusted his SIC codes to better identify what his company does