Updated: Jan 26

There is NO ONE who can guarantee with any certainty they will be able to attain any certain dollar amount of credit for you in a specific time frame.

No matter what they promise on their websites or in their promotions, no one can guarantee your company will get credit, or pinpoint the time it will take to achieve funding, or the dollar amount their work will get for you, or whether they will even be able to start the process for your company at all. The best possible precursor to approvals is the exchange of accurate information.

If a company is promising you the sun and the moon, you need to come down from those lofty expectations and put your feet back onto a solid path again.

While it is okay to dream of those high dollar approvals, but, in reality, you could take the exact same application to 15 different banks or credit cards and get 15 different approval amounts. Reality is … the directors of every bank, every credit card company, financing organization, creditor, and lender have set their own criteria, specific to their own companies, specific to their lending practices, specific to what their own independent underwriters will allow. While a call to an agent may be necessary to raise a low approval amount or reverse a misinformed denial, computers do most of the creative thinking for lenders in today’s market.