Updated: Jan 26

Linking your company’s positive payments to your D&B report can boost your credibility by as much as 90%, but attempting to do so through a non-verifiable transaction or a vendor that is part of a “trade ring” can be devastating to your business credit profile. If the transaction or vendor cannot be verified by D&B, this could bring your profile under unnecessary scrutiny and could harm both businesses.

Can your trade references clear the rings of fire and get added to your credit profile without your company getting burned?

Adding vendors and suppliers can be extremely beneficial, but each of these references will need to undergo a multi-step validation before even being considered as a possible candidate. D&B looks very closely at any potential trade references to make sure they will pass all stages of the validation process. They will check a variety of factors — from their industry, to their physical location, to their own D&B report status — even delving into your vendor’s state or federal documentation. D&B does this because it is their job to ensure any data they input into your report correctly reflects true payment habits, since this is the basis for any additional credit lines others may extend to you.

Oftentimes, business owners who have no credit history will try to manufacture positive payment experiences where none really exist, thinking this will help them to achieve higher approvals or build their credit profile faster. These fraudulent attempts seldom make it through D&B’s tight net. Most will get declined in the preliminary processes and go no further.