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Our Time To Shine Is Now

America will survive these strange days.  Our survival and recovery won't be easy or comfortable, but it will define us in much the same way these types of crises have defined generations before us.  In these uncertain times, there is one constant:

Crisis separates dreamers from doers.

Economist Milton Friedman once said, "When you have a time of crisis, what happens depends on what ideas are floating around, and what ideas have been developed, and thought through, and are made effective."

In other words — right now, while everyone else seems to be standing still and waiting to see how things will turn out — innovators will be charging forward. Head up. Back firm. Shoulders braced. Undaunted.  It's not that they are unafraid... They just understand that fear and uncertainty has motivated some of the greatest successes in our nation's history.

A crisis is an opportunity riding the dangerous wind. ~ Anonymous

One of my clients called this morning.  He said his wife went to college to become a teacher but her career took a different path.  She's talked about starting her own tutoring business for several years, but she's never taken the first step because she was "comfortable" where she was.  Her "comfort" was eliminated this week when her boss announced he was closing the doors for the foreseeable future due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Crisis creates opportunity. ~ Bruce Rauner

Instead of worrying about how long she would be sidelined or how they would survive, my client and his wife went online and registered her new business.  Instead of waiting to see whether she could collect unemployment, she launched an online tutoring service and started promoting her business to local parents who are worried their children won't be able to complete their studies this year.  Instead of printing copies of her resume, she ordered business cards and created her first Facebook ad.

In just a few hours time, she went from dreamer to doer — and we just ordered her new company's DUNS number.</