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Who Reports to D&B?

Those four words, when put together, are probably one of the most-searched phrases on the web when it comes to business credit... Everybody wants to know "Who reports to D&B?"

Savvy business owners understand their ability to establish new credit is dependent on getting payment history into their business credit profile. If there is no payment history, D&B generates generic scores and ratings based upon OTHER companies your size, in your industry, and in your area.

But to get a Paydex score, the holy grail for business credit, you need to have at least three payments showing in your D&B report.

Too often, small business owners try to find vendors and suppliers who auto-report to D&B, thinking that will save them time and money toward their Paydex score.

They couldn't be more wrong!

It benefits your business much more if you provide D&B with proof that your company has already paid its bills — has already proven it can stand on its own merit — with a pattern of prompt payments you've ALREADY made to your suppliers, colleagues, and associates.

Every prompt payment experience you add to your file has the potential to boost your scores by up to 90%, even from the smallest of Mom-and-Pop suppliers, so you will want to submit as many as possible to get the best boost.

Who can report to D&B? (ANY OF THESE)

  • A company that has extended your business credit on terms (or)

  • A company you have purchase from who trusted you to pay them later (or)

  • A company that has invoiced you for a product or service (or)

  • A company you have paid within the past year using your business name

  • (Even small local mom and pop businesses can qualify as trade references)

Who can't be added as trade references? (D&B disallows them)

  • Banks, credit cards, finance companies, loan companies

  • Municipal services, utilities, insurance, and some landlord services

  • Companies that are not U.S.-based

  • Companies who already report to D&B on an automated basis

  • Companies who have not had a full D&B rating of their own for at least one year

  • Companies who have already told D&B they will not report on their customers

Below you will find over 250 examples of the types of vendors that have been manually added to my client's files over the years, and there are hundreds (if not thousands) of companies that fall into each of these industries. You probably have already used some of them, but never considered they could be submitted because you thought they were too small or insignificant. But you are so wrong!

Just think about everyone who has sold your company a product or service (costing at least $50) at least once in the past 12 months...

Have you paid for any of these?​

  • Paper, ink, toner, pens, files, and other office supplies

  • Parts, equipment, supplies, batteries, chargers

  • Advertising fees, marketing materials, direct mail service, blog services

  • Website design, email or hosting services

  • Sign painting/printing, banners, flags, posters

  • Logo design, graphic design, proofreading, branding services

  • Business cards, brochures, flyers, folders, invitations, embroidery

  • Photography, artists, writers, commercials, promotions, screen-printing

  • Mailbox, postal services (most accepted, but not the US Postal Service)

  • Trucking, shipping, logistics, tracking, freight

  • Delivery/courier services, postal services/supplies

  • Licenses, copyright services, subscription services

  • Administrative and management fees

  • Lawn, landscape, pest control, farm/garden machinery

  • Windows, flooring, glass, doors, cabinets, counter-tops

  • Security personnel, anti-theft devices, security equipment, safes, shredders

  • Fire extinguishers, inspectors, safety equipment and signage

  • Leasing services, rental companies, limo rentals, equipment leasing

  • Automobiles, including cars, trucks, trailers, vans, etc

  • Auto repairs, vehicle maintenance, tires, parts, lock-out services

  • Computers, printers, phones, fax machines, scales (including repair services)

  • Maids, janitorial services, window washers, power-washers, carpet cleaning

  • Uniforms, linens, paper products, cleaning supplies, laundry services

  • Legal, accounting, business tax prep services, title and incorporation agents

  • Schools, training, educational materials, manuals

  • Office furniture (purchases or rentals), display cases, storage equipment

  • Dishes, kitchen appliances and equipment, shelving, storage

  • Small appliances, such as fans, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners

  • Tools, hardware, lifts, parts, and supplies (including rental services)

  • Warehouse and storage unit rental, pallets, forklifts, safety equipment

  • Trash and refuse clean-up, dumpster rental, waste management

  • Temp services, employment and staffing agency

  • Payroll preparation company, notary services, billing services

  • Checkbooks, deposit stamps, banking supplies, postage

  • Collection company, skip trace agent, private investigation

  • Software and app developer

  • Construction materials and specialty work, locksmiths

  • Construction company, remodeling work, carpenters

  • Contractor referral services

  • Specialized contractors, sub-contractors, A/C, plumbers, painters, electricians

  • Architectural, engineering, inspection services, mechanical contractors

  • Gravel, concrete, lumber, bricks, wire, flooring, tile, stone, rocks, paving

  • Garage doors and installers, surveyors, brick layers, wallpaperers

  • Industrial equipment, electronics, cameras, TVs, displays, sound equipment

  • Wholesalers, distributors, licensing services

  • Water delivery, food products, beverages, catering, vending machines

  • Certain utility companies, virtual offices, and financial firms

  • Healthcare services, training, supplies

  • HR training and compliance services, recruiters, certification services

  • Membership fees: Chamber of Commerce, organizations, associations

  • Data validation services, information services, lead generation

  • Realtors, rental agents, staging companies, multiple listing services

  • Property managers, maintenance companies, armed guards and security

  • Some (but not all) landlords, mail-drop, and virtual assistants

  • Telephone companies, cellphone services, internet services, pagers services

If you have paid for ANY of these products or services, you need to get your vendors submitted to D&B! You have already spent the money. Why spend more money for products or services you DON'T REALLY NEED just to (hopefully) get a Paydex score?

Give me a call to see how quickly you can get payments from these types of vendors added to your business's credit report. I can help you decide which will be most beneficial to your business credit file, show you how to vet and prep your vendors — and maybe even find more great (auto-reporting) suppliers to build and boost your corporate credit fast.

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