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How to access the D&B DUNSmanager® to submit updates or launch slow payment disputes.


Who Reports to D&B?

Those four words, when put together, are probably one of the most-searched phrases on the web when it comes to business credit... Everybody wants to know "Who reports to D&B?"

Savvy business owners understand their ability to establish new credit is dependent on getting payment history into their business credit profile. If there is no payment history, D&B generates generic scores and ratings based upon OTHER companies your size, in your industry, and in your area.

But to get a Paydex score, the holy grail for business credit, you need to have at least three payments showing in your D&B report.

Too often, small business owners try to find vendors and suppliers who auto-report to D&B, thinking that will save them time and money toward their Paydex score.

They couldn't be more wrong!

It benefits your business much more if you provide D&B with proof that your company has already paid its bills — has already proven it can stand on its own merit — with a pattern of prompt payments you've ALREADY made to your suppliers, colleagues, and associates.

Every prompt payment experience you add to your file has the potential to boost your scores by up to 90%, even from the smallest of Mom-and-Pop suppliers, so you will want to submit as many as possible to get the best boost.

Who can report to D&B? (ANY OF THESE)

  • A company that has extended your business credit on terms (or)

  • A company you have purchase from who trusted you to pay them later (or)