Updated: Feb 3

There is more to celebrate next week than just the relief of watching another year fade into the distance. With negative presidential campaigns, economic uncertainty, and turmoil around the globe, it's nice to find something to cheer about. You should be celebrating because your business is about to get another year older and a whole lot better!

In personal terms (for me, anyway) January usually means an influx of bills from Christmas shopping and family travel. But for business, January 1st could mean an increased ability to reap rewards simply because your company is stronger, wiser, and now, officially one year older!

In the corporate credit world, the age of your business is not measured by the date of its incorporation, but rather by the year in which it started. This translates to lower risk ratings with every December 31st your small business puts behind it. This could mean lower interest rates, improved access to funding, and more reason to celebrate in the new year.

Your young business will officially be one year older at the end of next week, when every company with a D&B profile will get one more year added to their history.