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Did you recently get an alert notification that someone is checking your business credit report? If so, you may have some questions about who is checking your file and what exactly they are looking for. The truth is, you may never know who is pulling your credit report, but there's a lot you can do to understand what they are looking for and what it means to your company.

What would you do differently if you wanted to put your business in the best possible position before you click "SUBMIT"!

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First of all, understand that any business or individual can pull your corporate credit report, and they can do so without your permission. Unlike consumer credit, commercial credit does not require the bureau inform the business owner (or anyone else) that your corporate credit file is being viewed. And because the inquiry is deemed commercial (not bound by Fair Credit Reporting Act), the bureaus are not required to identity who is pulling your report, other than by their industry and the type of report they pulled.

In fact, many of the accounts you create online or credit applications you submit are run directly through business credit reporting bureaus such as DNBi Risk Management or Experian's business division, where the lender or supplier has already established specific criteria your scores and ratings will have to meet in order to clear the application process.

When you click the "submit" button, the application process will automatically look for your company in the credit bureau's system, compare the data you provided to what is showing in the business credit report, check to see if your company meets the required criteria, and generate a result. If everything goes as planned, you will receive an immediate approval notification and the wheels of progress will begin spinning in your direction. But if anything doesn't jive, you'll receive one of those dreaded decline notifications or a request for more information in hopes you can still be approved later.

There are lots of companies that will check your corporate credit report.

  • Vendors and suppliers usually check that business data matches their files.

  • Potential clients may pull the credit file before making a business decision.