Updated: Feb 3

There's a old saying: The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. It's about what you're made of, not the circumstances.

Strong corporate credit works for your business, helping to prove you have accepted your role in the financial process. While some may huff and say "I don't need business credit" or "my business credit doesn't matter", a responsible business owner sees corporate credit scores and ratings as a tool that proactively impacts their company, employees, clients, and self.

America's most successful business owners and directors no longer have to rely on personal credit to fund their businesses. They have worked toward a corporate credit report that eventually — over time — takes on a life (somewhat) of its own, continuously re-building itself as it achieves milestones and rewarding itself with a vast open source of credit and contract opportunities borne out of each small successful step.

But even major corporations, big pharma, tech firms, and giant conglomerates still have work to maintain a strong credit file. Years ago, while employed by D&B, I helped many CEOs and CFOs of huge businesses organize and update their D&B files, get derogatory information removed, and add positive information. It's a part of the process no matter how big you get. But small business owner's can be even more harshly impacted and fail to grow due to a lack of scores and ratings.