Updated: Jan 26

The bulk of the data appearing in your business credit profile is acquired by sources outside of D&B, whether from banks, credit card underwriters, state and federal agencies, vendors and suppliers, or third party providers. Very few people actually take into account that they, as an active participant in their own company, are oftentimes D&B’s most valuable source for business data. There is no one who knows more about your business than you, and nothing can compare to this inside information.

Are you actively participating in your progress?

I compare building your own business credit to building your own pizza — which may be easy enough if you are in the pizza business. If you already have the flour, salt, and yeast for the dough, the tomatoes, peppers, onions and seasonings for the sauce, the pepperoni, mushrooms and cheese for the toppings, and (most of all) the time, energy, and recipe to put it all together, you can whip it up in no time. But for most of us, getting a hot and tasty pizza requires you to pick up the phone and order from your favorite pizzeria.

If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is put in a lot of time and energy to be able to satisfy your immediate hunger. But even if you choose to take the easy way out, you still have to be an active participant. You have to actually pick up a phone, place an order, and take out your charge card. You still have to wait for delivery and, eventually, you will have to “open the door” to get to your goal of eating the pizza.

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