Updated: Jan 26

If anyone is going to paint a picture of your business, don't you think your hand should be on the brush?

D&B will create a composite credit profile based upon information that is provided by local, state, and federal agencies, third party resources, your vendors and suppliers, and you, as an active participant in your own business. They are going to paint a picture onto the canvas of a corporate credit report that will represent you and your business — impacting your credit approvals, bids you submit on projects, and even the interest rates you are given on loans, insurance and credit cards.

History has proven that businesses can be impacted by factors that are within their control as much as factors that are outside of their control. D&B will generate scores and ratings based on 75 different factors they have found to have defining impacts on a company's financial status, longevity and credibility.

For instance, they know that:

  • A hurricane will affect every business, even those NOT directly in it's path

  • A change in business management affects the way bills are paid