How to Add Trade References to your D&B Report

Updated: Feb 3

Adding payment history to your D&B report is the fastest and easiest way to build your business credit scores and ratings. These transactions provide background information from your creditors, vendors, and suppliers that wouldn't otherwise be attributed to your file. It also adds validity, viability, and credibility to your business, sending a message to potential creditors that your company and its creditworthiness have already been proven.

Your business is a reflection of you, and your business credit report reflects your financial responsibility. Your payment history is one of the key factor that shows just how strong your business is and how capable it is at functioning on its own merit.

You need to think of your business credit profile like a skeleton. The basic information may be there, but it's not enough. You actually have to add muscle and meat to those bones in order for the company to be strong. This is especially important if your business is less than ten years old, or if your company tends to spend more money with local stores, vendors, or suppliers, since those are the ones least likely to be auto-reporters to the major corporate credit bureaus.

Unlike consumer credit, corporate credit bureaus give you the option of adding payment history to your file using one of their paid services. I recommend the monthly version D&B's CreditBuilder service to my clients (about $150/month) because it allows me to get existing payment history added relatively quickly without the client having to opt in for a long-term service that can cost over $1,500.