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Most small business owners don’t realize the most important tool for building business credit is already in their hands. Even more startling is the fact that it is free to anyone who needs it. We specialize in teaching and assisting small business owners to build and manage their corporate credit relationships. The first step to enhancing a solid business credit profile is to make sure you are registered and familiar with the D&B® iUpdate® process.

Ownership of your credit profile starts with knowing how to put the “i” in iUpdate®.

Do you know how to get a free copy of your D&B® business credit profile?

Many people operate under the misconception of having to pay for an outside service to start building their business credit, but the D&B® iUpdate® portal provides small business owners the ability to actively participate in how their company is portrayed in the credit community and impact the data that flows through normal channels into the D&B® database. Oftentimes, some of the simplest transactions that could be working for a company’s benefit fail to flow into the file due to incomplete or inaccurate data, such as old address or misspelling of the company name.

As a part of our ongoing “PAY IT FORWARD” service to small business owners, Starpoint Credit Solutions is providing the instructions below to help you to see, print, and download a copy of your profile. We are hopeful this will allow the average small business owner to have a better understanding of what data is being represented about their company and how to successfully manage that data going forward.


  1. Go to

  2. Log in using your existing username and password

  3. New security may require a reset of your password

  4. Password reset will be sent to the log in email

  5. Once you are on the iUpdate® MAIN MENU, click on View/Print tab at bottom left

  6. You will have a choice of viewing, printing, or saving a copy of your file

  7. DO NOT EMAIL a copy to anyone other than yourself


  1. Go to

  2. Search for your company using business name, city, and state

  3. If your business name appears in a list to the right, choose your company from the list and continue.

  4. If your business name does not appear in the list to the right, you will need to either:

  5. Re-search under different criteria, or

  6. Order a new D-U-N-S® for your company

  7. You will be given a security question. Choose the answer that most closely corresponds correctly, even if the information is outdated. Oftentimes, the answers to the security questions could be years, even decades old.

  8. Three more security questions will be provided. Choose the answers that correspond correctly, even if the information is outdated. Remember, the answers to the security questions could be very old.

  9. If you reach a page to create a password and security, follow the instructions. If you receive an error message, follow the instructions necessary to complete your registration.

  10. Once on the iUpdate® MAIN MENU, click on View/Print tab at bottom left

  11. You will have a choice of viewing, printing, or saving a copy of your file.

  12. DO NOT EMAIL a copy to anyone other than yourself.

You may have noticed the language, “DO NOT EMAIL a copy to anyone other than yourself“, shown in the instructions above. The information in your D&B® business credit profile is intended solely for use by a principal in the business. D&B® provides access to the information freely so every business owner can be aware of what is appearing in their D&B® profile and make updates as needed. While iUpdate®does not provide the scores, ratings, or insight, or allow business owners to upload vendors or suppliers like a paid service, it does allow updates to the data, disputes of slow payments or public filings, and the ability to upload business financial statements or corporate documentation.

Please understand, we cannot access the iUpdate® system for you or provide any “secret recipe” to help you gain access if the D&B® system is not letting you in. We can, however, possibly provide clarifying information about what types of information should be entered into your file to make sure your company is accurately represented.

LESSON: If you are having difficulty with any of the instructions above, please contact us for further clarification. We will gladly provide any information we can. Sometimes, updating the information in your D&B® profile isn’t just the first step to credit-building, it’s the biggest one!

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