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Do you need help with your D&B® business credit report?

  • Identifying problem areas

  • Submitting data updates

  • Disputing slow payments

  • Adding trade payments

  • Building or boosting scores

Building Business Credit Has Never Been Easier!

We do the work!
You reap the rewards
for years to come!

Proven excellence,
and reliability.

You have a business to run.  You don't have time to chase down answers to what is happening in your D&B report.  You just need it fixed — and now!  Our Powerboost service allows us to access, manage, and maintain your commercial credit report so you don't have to.  We do the bulk of the credit-building work for you, allowing you to focus on what's really important — your day-to-day operations.

You can be confident of our D&B training, experience, discretion, and professionalism while we work to build a new credit file for your company or boost an existing profile that may have blemishes or suffer from missing or mismanaged data from the past.

With Powerboost service, we will:

  • Gain access to your business credit profile

  • Complete a full assessment of all data and scoring issues

  • Update the business information in your file

  • Dispute any slow payments that can be removed

  • Challenge outdated public filings

  • Gather and vet your existing vendors and suppliers

  • Submit your trade references to D&B

  • Track your updates and scoring improvements

  • Send you an updated report as changes occur

  • Establish new business trade lines and credit accounts as needed

  • Advise you against potentially risky behavior that can harm your credit

  • Register your business with SAM.gov to open up federal contracting opportunities

  • Provide you with the training you'll need to keep making progress for years to come

  • Refer you to trustworthy lending sources for working capital and business lines of credit

  • Walk you through the application process and answer your questions along the way

  • Keep you on a consistent track to success throughout the process

Starpoint Credit Solutions provides both free and paid services to business owners who need to build or boost their corporate credit potential.  Originally trained by Dun & Bradstreet, I understand the reporting process, and I can read the smallest fluctuations in the data that drives the scores and ratings.  I also know exactly what D&B is looking for when crafting the perfect commercial credit report, as well as the risky behaviors that can doom it to failure.

We are driven to your success — having successfully achieved millions in credit for a client base that ranges from solopreneurs to small business owners to major corporations.

One of the most popular elements of our program is the constant training that occurs with every change to data or scores.  We want you to understand your own credit profile and recognize issues that could be affecting your scores and ratings.  Our goal is not to keep you as a client forever, but rather to help you better understand and maintain your own credit going forward.


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