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How to access the D&B DUNSmanager® to submit updates or launch slow payment disputes.


Does your company have a full D&B Rating?

Did you know you can have 1000 payments in your D&B credit report and still not have a full D&B Rating? All the payments in the world won't mean a thing if D&B doesn't consider your company to be a viable enterprise. In fact, they may even block your vendor payment history from flowing into your file if your rating isn't complete. A missing D&B Rating can stymie your company's creditworthiness.

In general, the D&B Rating is generated once D&B can see your company is viable, whether from the data flowing in automatically from third-party resources or from verifiable data business owners themselves provide, including the "Super Seven" elements:

  1. Company name

  2. Physical / mailing address

  3. Phone number

  4. Legal structure / start date

  5. Principals / titles / time-in-service

  6. Industry / SIC-codes

  7. Employee count

Providing the above information is easy, but there are also two more elements D&B won't tell you about — and these are what can keep your company from being deemed creditworthy.

A full D&B Rating is borne from confidence and predictability.

Confidence starts with the verification of the above "Super Seven" elements, but it is further strengthened when matching data flows in from outside resources, such as your Secretary of State's business registration portal, vendors who generate inquiries when you open a new account, or lenders who process credit applications through D&B's risk management software. When the data that flows in from outside sources matches what is already in D&B's system, confidence is bolstered and your company earns valuable points toward earning its rating.

Predictability can only come from one place: payments. Whether they flow in from trusted vendors and creditors who auto-report, or are manually submitted by you and verified by D&B's trade fulfillment team, payment history proves other companies have done business with you, have matching information on file about your company, and have trusted you