Using Trade Lines to Build Scores

Updated: Feb 3

It was a question I had answered a hundred times before, but somehow, it still left me shaking my head. "Can you help me get trade lines added to my D&B report?" And it had come from Larry, an email subscriber who called in for a free consultation. His voice sounded tired and frustrated.

I think my response surprised him. Perhaps because he expected me to move immediately into a hard-sell strategy, or perhaps because just having asked the question had somehow made him feel uneasy, maybe even vulnerable.

"Yes," I said. "But you do realize that's something that you can do yourself, right?"

Over the next 30 minutes, I realized there was a lot that Larry didn't understand about "trade lines". He had been fed misinformation on the web and when talking to other people in the past... People who had been more interested in making a sale than doing what was best for him and his business. Those companies had been trying to "sell" him some "established trade lines" rather than teaching him how to build legitimate and long lasting business credit using simple, affordable, reliable, and legitimate techniques.