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Don’t be fooled.  Trade lines are free.  And you don't want to put your business at risk!


Any company who is requiring that you pay for a credit line at a business unrelated to their own is putting your business at extreme risk.  Not only could those tradelines be removed from your D&B profile, but your business can be downgraded and your business credit could be frozen or permanently destroyed in the process.  This could also impact any other businesses you may have or plan to have in the future.


If you are working with a company who is requiring that you “purchase tradelines” for your business credit profile, you are being ripped off.


Hundreds of businesses offer lines of credit for small businesses, with their only requirement being that your company has a complete D&B profile.  Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous businesses who are selling “tradelines” for outrageous prices, many of which are being also paid to be affiliates for those same companies, meaning they are making money off both ends of the deal.


At Starpoint Credit Solutions, we understand the key to being able to get credit lines isn’t in how much you pay to get them, but how credible your business is.  And, for that, creditors look for solid history, scores, and risk ratings.  If you want your business to stand on its own merit and achieve the trade lines and future credit approvals, you have to start at the beginning.


If you want to continue on a secure path to your goals, you have to be able to withstand the scrutiny of how you got there in the first place.

If you need to add payment history to your business credit file, there are several legitimate ways to do this that will not put your business at risk.  Whether that is by creating accounts with vendors and suppliers who auto-report to the credit bureaus or adding your previous payment history from existing trade references, you should go through the process in a way that is beyond reproach.

Please reach out for a free consultation so we can provide you with the names of companies who will gladly (and freely) provide you with acceptable and reliable reporting of your business payment history.   You have put too much into your business to allow someone to put all of that at risk.


Call for more information about how to build a solid foundation for your business credit needs.

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  • Update the business information in your file

  • Dispute removable slow payments

  • Challenge outdated public filings

  • Gather your existing vendors and suppliers

  • Submit your trade references to D&B

  • Track your updates and scoring improvements

  • Send you an updated report as changes occur

  • Establish new trade lines for your business

  • Advise you against potentially risky behavior

  • Provide companies who can report payment history to the business credit bureaus

  • Register your business with

  • Provide you with guidelines and the training you'll need to keep making progress

  • Refer you to trustworthy lending sources for working capital and business lines of credit

  • Walk you through the application process and answer your questions along the way

  • Keep you on a consistent track to success

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