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Why Trade Lines Aren't One-Size-Fits-All

Your company is unlike any other. Even if you sell the exact same tires as the guy down the street, or the same type of cupcakes as the lady across town, or even the same cars as the dealership out on the highway, you will never have the exact same vendors — which is why it's so easy to spot companies who are using one-size-fits-all strategies to create the illusion of legitimate business credit.

Whether you sell groceries, houses, newspapers, slacks, cars, cupcakes or cannabis, the details of your business are as intricate and individual as the fingerprints on your front door glass. While you might share similar types of suppliers based upon your industry, you'll likely use a different plumber, or advertise in a different market, or buy your business cards from a different printer.

Even franchise operations that are intentionally designed to mimic one specific model will find different locations have different needs and different vendors who support those needs. A good example: Imagine if your local Starbucks had to wait for the A/C guy from Milwaukee to show up!

There are lots of commercial credit enhancement services on the web these days, and 90% of them create accounts for their clients using the same handful of "tried-and-true" vendors, no matter whether your business sells yarn, yams, yachts, or yaks. While those are all great suppliers and are proven auto-reporters, they aren't going to be your only suppliers, or your most important suppliers, or even the right suppliers usually found in normal day-to-day operations.

So when D&B sees your company has just placed orders with the exact same handful of vendors as 7,643 other companies did this year, it's pretty easy to see through your thinly-veiled attempts to "manufacture" business credit where none actually exists. And it's unlikely that you've been running a bookkeeping service on a day-to-day basis using the same vendors as the storage facility next door or the landscaper down the street. D&B notices these patterns of behavior, so don't be surprised if your company gets flagged to receive "extra attention" and verification.

In reality — if your business is legitimate — you have already been spending money with suppliers who can speak volumes more about your company than any one-size-fits-all scheme ever could.

THOSE are the vendors D&B wants to talk to.