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Can your company win the vote?

It's election day! And while I am really excited for all the candidates, I am even happier just knowing we've got two years before there will be 17 political ads in every commercial break! So take a deep breath and answer this question: Are you confident your candidate is up for the task?

Now, answer the same question about your business credit report...

The next time you submit a credit application — whether for a business line of credit, a major credit card, or just hoping to get net terms with a supplier — you need to be just as confident your D&B report fully represents your company's credibility, flexibility, viability, and creditworthiness. Application day is your company's election day... and it's NOT a good day to discover you haven't done enough!

99% of the people who vote today have already made up their minds. Their options are printed in black ink on a white ballot before they ever step up to the booth.

But a business credit application is different. It's an empty slate where you get to fill in the ballot with information about your company. Instead of gauging your stance on issues like immigration, healthcare, and the economy, your qualifications are measured by financial stress, corporate viability, delinquency predictability, and past payment performance.

In the business credit world, there are no choices between "red" or "blue". It doesn't matter whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent. There is no little box to blacken on a credit application to define your beliefs as liberal, moderate, progressive, or conservative. When your credit application gets pulled out of that box, it will be weighed and measured against what is ALREADY showing in your commercial credit report.

At that moment, there is only one decision to be made — do you qualify or not?

So if everything that represents this country for the next two years can be determined by the independent actions taken by millions of individuals today, what action are you going to take today that determines how capable your business is going to be for the next two years and beyond?

Vote for Powerboost and get the credibility you've been needing!

Put your business on a path to more growth, more success, more credibility and creditworthiness then you ever thought possible. Let today be the day you choose to do something to change your little corner of the world.

As always, reach out to me directly if you have any questions or need assistance!

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